Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tuscarora Golf Club
Memorial Tree Planting Program

In response to frequent memorial tree planting requests, the Greens Advisory Committee has developed a guide for members wishing to purchase a tree as a memorial or gift. 

There is a tree list available in the Pro Shop and one will be made available through the website.  Trees available are species that either thrive in our soils, or are native to the surrounding forests. 

Tree size will be 3-4 inches in trunk diameter.  All trees will be ball and burlap instead of container grown.  A plaque is available, if desired, that can be affixed to the trunk of the tree.  A sample plaque will be made available at the Pro Shop.

Trees will run between $300 - $600 depending on species.                                                                               Price includes:  Tree pick-up and delivery, planting and care for the life of the tree.  If the tree is damaged in any way that kills or otherwise requires its removal, the club will replace the tree at no charge.  Planting will occur in late fall, winter, and early spring only.

Please call Steve Kurta, Golf Course Supt. for more details or questions.  315-604-6298 or email at

Tree Locations
Tree placement will depend on course routing, species requirements, and tree size at maturity. We will try to take your specific site location requests under consideration, however, all final decisions will be made by the Superintendent and Greens committee so the tree has the longest lifespan.  

The following species were chosen for their proven hardiness and performance in Tuscarora's soils. These species are grown locally and are available in many sizes.  They are the only species being offered due to their reliability and longevity. 

Tree List
White Pine 

White Fir 
Eastern Redbud 
Sugar Maple 
Red Oak 
London Plane (Sycamore)
Pink Crabapple
Bradford Pear
American Beech
Balsam Fir